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Parents should fill out this form on behalf of their child. The answers to this survey will help determine whether your child qualifies to participate in research studies in the Preston Lab or the Church Lab at The University of Texas at Austin. If your child qualifies for a study in these lab, you will be placed on a list of interested people and a researcher will contact you when studies that your child qualifies for are open for enrollment. We are running two types of studies:
1. In-Lab Studies
- In-lab studies often involve playing computer games or completing a series of assessments. The details of a particular study will be given to you should you qualify for behavioral studies.
2. MRI Studies
- MRI studies involve Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and may require a visit to our mock scanner in order to prepare for an official scanning session.
Imaging studies may also involve in-lab studies. If your child is interested in both MRI and in-lab studies, please select "Both" when asked later in the survey.
Study compensation ranges from $10-25/hour.
You will be contacted by research staff if your child qualifies and are interested in a particular type of study.
Participating in this survey and any research is voluntary. There is no payment for completing this survey. For each study your child is asked to participate in, the researcher will explain the payment when they contact you. This survey is not for students who need credit for psychology classes.
If you would like to visit the lab websites:
Church Lab
(512) 471-2221
Preston Lab
(512) 232-5145

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